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ginnyvos ([personal profile] ginnyvos) wrote2011-06-29 03:19 pm


I'm still not sure if I'm bloody stupid since I've been horrible about writing anything lately, especially challenges, but as many of my older friends know; I'm an absolute nut for h/c and it's very much my forte... And as such I present to you all:
phobias loss of hearing fire loss of identity skeletons in the closet
drowning hugs torture secret identity discovered runaways
job-related trauma slaves WILD CARD group support sex pollen
toothache unconsciousness forced to participate in illegal / hurtful activity isolation medication
tentacles fighting dungeons burns mental health issues

Not sure what to make of some of the prompts, but we'll see... Anyone out there up to joining me? The world can't really have too much h/c (or so I feel)!

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I'm afraid that if I ever tried to write H/C it would turn into farce very quickly (I just can't help it). Good luck with the challenge though. Are you going to use the same pairing for all the prompts that you do, or will you vary it?

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Probably different pairings every time, there are some that really scream one pairing and others that yell another on the top of their lungs, so what's a girl to do eh?

And I can imagine what you mean, yeah. Would there be a crack-bingo somewhere? It would be perfect for you :P And I'm going to try, at least. Best thing is that to win at this (for myself) I really only have to write five fics, 500 words, which helps a lot. I can do that before january next year, I do think :P