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 Am sitting on my balcony in my PJ's enjoying the morning (alright almost midday) sun and not being cold... Gods I love spring. <3

Spring, lazy Saturday mornings, sun, chocolate, tea, a balcony facing south and friends... Life doesn't get much better form here.

So what are you doing this fine Saturday morning?
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Alright, so I'm bloody terrified.

Right now I'm reformatting and reinstalling my notebook from my friend's external harddrive... It's like giving up your baby girl  to some experimental treatment that might make its quality of life that much better... And might just kill it.

.... Oh and by the way, you'll need to do the surgery yourself with only a vague idea of where the heart and lungs are supposed to be.
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I should be in the library reading articles for my thesis all day. So far today I have...

- Folded old laundry
- Sorted out new laundry and put in the machine
- polished my nails with so-called caring nailpolish
- Cleaned up room to a level of neatness it hasn't been since I moved in
- Sorted out paperwork and put it in order of importance
- Cleaned up my bags (what was my D4 dice doing in my backpack? :S)
- Sorted my bookcases in attempt to make them adapt to books beyond their capacity
- Finished book I'd been lying around with the last couple of pages unread for over a month
- Gathered stuff to back my weekend back
- Emailed friends+housemates with a proposition about dinner tonight
- Hung out on facebook
- Put away trash
- Filled bucket with water for cleaning my room (off to do that now!)

Hey, most of this stuff did need to get done and has been in need of getting done for ages! Seems not wanting to do something else is the best way to get there?

(Not half as much as the work on my masterthesis but one can't have anything).
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I know many of you can still bathe in snow, but here the first signs of spring are starting to show. The sun is shining more often, the temperatures don't go under 0 during the day and, most important, green buts and the first flowers of spring are breaking earth and bark. These couple of weeks, when winter is still trying to cling on but spring is undermining it in more and more ways, is always glorious.

It seems to me that the length of seasons is just right; just long enough for me to be incredibly grateful that the next one is coming, but never long enough to get so throughly sick of them that I will not be looking forward to them next year.
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It's monday morning, 8 o'clock, I'm at the station waiting for the train to get to my internship and I am absolutely content.

Had a wonderful quiet weekend staying over at my friends' place. We did nothing but watch Glee, House and the movie Evita, play games, dance a bit and just relax. I needed a weekend to recharge and I did.

My mom went to Germany for a long weekend with my siblings and it's been ages since I saw her as refreshed as when she came home yesterday. Since she's been borderline burned out for over a year now that was about as energizing as the whole rest of the weekend put together.

Btw, happy valentines to those of you who celebrate!

Ok, gonna stop typing now; my hands are freezing!
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The best gifts are often the ones you never asked for... I got a mysterious package in the mail and... Wow. Just wow. [ profile] draelynnthered , words words fail me. Thank you so, so, so very much. Seriously... She made me this gorgeous little Gojyo out of felt (that's what I think it is in English anyway)! He's absolutely adorable and the crappy picture really doesn't do him justice... He's hanging above my bed now and... Well <3, just <3. Thank you so, so much.

Also, much too late but no less heart-felt; Thank everyone who sent me christmas cards. They have held a place of honour in my bookcase until just today, and I loved getting them even if I didn't have the time and energy to send my own this year.
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You're in the train with two huge mirrors in your lap. What do you do?

Oh, right, make weird faces at yourself and spy at the people sitting behind you. ^^;
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I just finished the last class and the last lecture of my complete academic education. What. The. Fuck.

I just realized this an hour ago, you should know. In one week, I'll hand in the theoretical introduction to my masters thesis. Two weeks from now I'll have my last exam and with that I finish the complete theoretic part of my education. To my mind this is absurt. I don't know what I'll do! No more books that I need to learn by heart, no more courses and weekly classes and lectures, no more exams to study for... Just internship and research. Both are so completely different from what I've been doing up till now...

Come monday I have an introductionairy meeting for a possible internship. If this comes through, I'll be done with my masters by the end of august. In half a year, I won't be a student anymore. Me. Not a student. It's not really sinking in. I'm not really sure what to feel about it either.

On a completely different note: I tried lindyhop swing for the first time last weekend and doing an introductionairy weekend come weekend. So far it's loads of fun! :D
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I have my driverslicense!

I can still barely believe it but... Oh my god I HAVE it! It's done! After over a year of seemingly endless lessons, dispairing if I'd ever learn, lesson after lesson after lesson after lesson, a horrid examiner for my first test... I passed my drivers test today!

I got it on my second try, which is no more than average, really. I can pick it up at city hall Wednesday next week and then... Then I can borrow my mom's car (lovingly christened 'the cooky jar' by my housemates) and drive... on my own... for real!

It's still unbelievable.
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November starts tomorrow and for quite a few of you that means NaNoWriMo... Good luck with that! I'm not even going to try... What I am going to do (for the fourth time already!) is [Poll #1638725]
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