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Random Note: Norway is eating my money faster than Goku on an all-you-can-eat-buffet after 3 days of hunger.

I guess living on your own for the first time, in a new country and with barely anyone you know from home there, is bound to teach you a bit about yourself. It's only natural right?
For one, I'm pretty opposite of myself; going by my behavior you'd say I was a total extrovert... now I've always known I'm by far not as extroverted as people think me to be; I never show anyone the back of my tongue unless I trust them completely and there are very few people on that list. But I can confidently say that I've always been a very social person. I'm good with people, get along with just about anyone and when I set my mind to it make friends very easily (when I don't set my mind to it, I do, too, actually...). I also know I'm not very judgemental and pretty open-minded.
Yet I've found that I'm not half as eager to make friends with the other International Students as I'd thought I'd be. Basically, I also found out just how precious my alone time is to me. Last week was so busy and I had so very little time for myself between the several introductions/social thingies and falling into bed exhausted and just wanting to sleep. This week, all I really seem to be interested in is being in my room, sleeping the whole thing off and messing around a little on the net. Oh and swimming. I've done quite some swimming too.
Sure, there's some people I really like, among whom Malin, who is
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's best friend and Norwegian (oh but I wasn't allowed to say that, because she's from the city of Bergen and people from Bergen are not Norwegian), Nadia, a Canadian girl, a guy from the Netherlands (studies in Utrecht of all places) and Normann, who's German and generally just very sweet.
As for the rest of them? They're really nice and probably fun to hang around with but I simply don't care as much...
Another something that I'd never expected to bother me (that I'd never expected to be an issue actually) is that I'm so much younger than the rest of them. Now this isn't much of a problem as most of my better friends are actually older than me, but among this group I feel young. They're all about half-way their twenties while I'm not even in my twenties yet. I don't think it matters much but I can still notice it in the little things and sometimes and it kind of bothers me because I feel like a little kid compared to them.

Also, I don't know if it has something to do with living in the same city where you study, Norwegian people being party-animals or international students being party-animals, but goddamn there's a lot of party's going on, and I found out that really? I don't feel like going to any of them. I have the hardest time saying no to invitations, specially for no better reason than 'I don't feel like it', but once the time for the party comes around I just... Don't. What's the point in going to some party where everyone's at least halfway a stranger? Drinking? Not my thing. I like going to a pub, but I always go with a few close friends.

Also, I don't like sharing the kitchen in the way I have to now. I still feel like a guest every time I walk in there, and like I'm invading someone else's property. As a consequence of both that and the fact that the place is FAR from clean, I've barely cooked for myself in the one and a half week I've been there now. Exception is the one time I cooked myself some rice. Once. The rice wasn't even good. -_-
(And before you ask, yes I can cook, pretty good actually. I'm no cheff but I have no problems cooking myself up something).
Oh! Oh! But I did cook spaghetti just now! *is brave*

Hmmm This did turn out quite whiny didn't it? But really, I love it. Doing this, experiencing this, meeting new people and doing new things. My whole life, I've read and dreamed about adventures, but they where always things that other people had (sadly), and now I have one of my very own!
Also, I really like living on my own. I guess I really was ready for it. Oh, and I'm starting yoga classes next Tuesday! And have already been swimming two times this week! And Oslo is a beautiful city (pics can be found here) and the university is really great. I met some pretty cool people and have a lot of fun! :D
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