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I just finished the last class and the last lecture of my complete academic education. What. The. Fuck.

I just realized this an hour ago, you should know. In one week, I'll hand in the theoretical introduction to my masters thesis. Two weeks from now I'll have my last exam and with that I finish the complete theoretic part of my education. To my mind this is absurt. I don't know what I'll do! No more books that I need to learn by heart, no more courses and weekly classes and lectures, no more exams to study for... Just internship and research. Both are so completely different from what I've been doing up till now...

Come monday I have an introductionairy meeting for a possible internship. If this comes through, I'll be done with my masters by the end of august. In half a year, I won't be a student anymore. Me. Not a student. It's not really sinking in. I'm not really sure what to feel about it either.

On a completely different note: I tried lindyhop swing for the first time last weekend and doing an introductionairy weekend come weekend. So far it's loads of fun! :D
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I have my driverslicense!

I can still barely believe it but... Oh my god I HAVE it! It's done! After over a year of seemingly endless lessons, dispairing if I'd ever learn, lesson after lesson after lesson after lesson, a horrid examiner for my first test... I passed my drivers test today!

I got it on my second try, which is no more than average, really. I can pick it up at city hall Wednesday next week and then... Then I can borrow my mom's car (lovingly christened 'the cooky jar' by my housemates) and drive... on my own... for real!

It's still unbelievable.
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Almost everything I own is packed in the back of a mini-van parked in front of the house... It's an incredibly odd idea.

Right now I'm lying on a mattress on the floor in a room with nothing in it but a desk that's been taken apart, two empty bookcases, a radio and one bag full of Stuff That I Forgot To Pack. For tonight, this is still my room. Tomorrow night... Tomorrow night I'll be writing you a post from Utrecht and not Bunschoten, from a room that I've slept in before it became My Room, that, as of today, has light green walls, and as of tomorrow will have white furniture and way too much stuff in it for a space of only 8 square meters.

I'm incredibly excited to finally move out and even more excited because I'll be moving in with [ profile] h_johanna  and R., two of the closest friends I have. I know the house, I know the people and I've lived on my own before only a lot further from home. It's going to be great, it really is.

Anyone who wants my new address, let me know!
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It's true! After searching for student housing on and off for years and very intensively since April or so, I have a room!

Better yet, I'll be living with two of my best friends at a perfect location (right between the university campus and city center, no more than a 10 minute bike-ride from either one). Yes, the room is fairly small, but I think I'll manage without problem if I do some smart home planning! Also, did I mention I'll be living with two of the most wonderful girls I know? :D

I am out of my mind with excitement! I need to tell everyone. I need to scream it to the world! And it's near two o'clock in the morning so except for waking up my mom, I have very few people to tell. Bugger.

Either way, this is something that has been in the works for a while now, getting more and more serious. I didn't dare tell too many people until I was absolutely sure though!

Man, I still can't believe it! Much as I love my mom and my siblings, I've been capable of living on my own for years now, have lived on my own for half a year in fact and I am so. Glad. To be. OUT. More than that though, I'm looking forward to living close to my friends and my hobbies and to not always having to be the one that goes home early or has to beg a sleeping spot off someone. That sounds... Well... Wonderful, frankly!

Utrecht, here I come! :D

Now if only I could figure out how I am going to get to sleep...
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Hey everyone,

First and foremost; excuse me for not updating for so long. Life has been wacky and busy and life-y, so there.

And then, because I know at least one or two of you are interested (and if you're not, feel free to skip) a pointwise summery of life: )

As for pokemon:
- I'm also playing a LOT of pokemon right now. Also, I found out how to use my pokemon wi-fi thingy... Does anyone have friend-codes they want to share?
- Professor Oak says: Hmhm... You've caught 177 so far... As you know, there are pokemon that eventually evolve. That's an important thing to concider when you're filling your pokedex.

And, because I've been meaning to do this for a while, an update on my Quest for Quiet )
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I really am. I don't know how many people around here follow international politics. The Netherlands voted today. Almost 15% of the Dutch people voted for Geert Wilders and the PVV and I am scared.

I am frightened by him. Geert Wilders is intelligent, idealistic, charismatic, racist and not scared to use every dirty trick in the book and a couple of new ones. He uses tactics that I have come to associate with Adolf Hitler in the early 1930's.

Geert Wilders targets the Islam, and paints it like the Islamic religion in itself is a source of evil. He makes it seem like all Muslims are terrorists or criminals, like the crisis is their fault and like the Dutch culture is being ruined or at the very least threatened by each and every Muslim living in this country. He makes it seem like violence is the answer. He makes it seem justified to discriminate against Muslim people or even to use violence in whatever form against them. He is ruthless, racist and seemingly without empathy.

This is a man that blames the economic crisis on a group of people, based on their religion. He uses people's fears and worries and does not only use them, but also actively works to enlarge them. He makes Muslims the scapegoats of society, and nevermind the effects of his actions on thousands of lifes of people, people my age, whose grandparents came here and who have never known anything but the Netherlands, but have now firmly been labled 'foreigners'.

Yes, I am scared. I am scared because this is a freightning man, but I am even more scared because 3 in every 20 people think he is right. I am terrified by that but I am also very, very disappointed in my country.

What also scares me is that in the future, people will associate me with hate for Muslims on account of my being from the country where this man became so big. I am scared that people will only see those 15% who are in their own right extremist, and forget that more than half of the people actively did NOT vote for Wilders. You might think it's a far fear, but isn't that exactly what Geert Wilders has done for the Muslims? He's taken a minority and made it the prime example of what all Muslims are like.

I am scared.
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... ... There is a rabbit the size of a small dog walking around in our house and making a mess of my mom's knitting. I knew my household was crazy, but this is bordering on Alice Anne in Wonderland.

So a bit of a follow-up on my last post.

A very, very nice lady found my wallet, called the police and they put her through to my house. All my cards were still there and even the 30 cent(!!!) that was still in it, was there. I was incredibly happy.

On financial news; I went from being completely and utterly broke to actually having a LOT of money. I still have debts but I have money to pay 10 more drivinglessons (which is really a load off my shoulders) and 2/3 of the money I need to go dancing in France come summer. I also got to work two days last week so I get payed for that as well and when that happens I'll have all the money I need for my trip to France. Eight days of dancing, here I come! <3
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Random Note: It's not often that I have cause to use this icon but today...

This morning, at a very full Amersfoort central station, someone bumped into me (hard, I didn't even see who it was either) and suddenly my wallet was gone.

My wallet with in it, my ATM-card, my ID-card, my public transport card, my student card, my house key and money. I was not a happy camper.

Later I got a phone call telling me that the last place I'd hoped for to run my apprentice ships didn't want me as an apprentice because they thought I was too young. I had a perfectly good interview, seemed very achieved for my age, had a lot of experience, but they picked two people four and five years older than me.

So here I am, at home, writing application letters for jobs that are very sparse (crisis and all that) and trying to figure out what the hell kind of jobs I should apply with only a bachelors degree at university level, with my wallet gone and a perfectly sunny day ruined by the fact that I am broke, and will be more broke, and am applying for jobs that are laying people off rather than taking them on. Damn, some days suck bad.

EDIT: Aaaaand we're not done for the day. Just got an email telling me I'm not allowed to do the mastercourses at a different time than my apprenticeships or take longer than exactly a year for my mastersdegree. The good news just keeps on coming...

Right now I'm looking at it with a detached sort of irony. EDIT2: Wow! My day just took a turn for the better! A very sweet lady found my wallet and called the police. They gave her my number and now I have it back! The passes and stuff are still in it! I'm so freaking relieved!
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Today is the 5th of May and in the Netherlands, this is the day we celebrate our freedom and remember what freedom means.  I would love to hear what it means to you as well.

Today exactly 65 years ago the Netherlands was freed from the German reign and this denoted the end of World War II. Yesterday we remembered the people who died in wars across the globe. Today we remember that we are free and have a lot to be incredible grateful for. Freedom. It's magnificent and beautiful and too big to behold and freighting and never complete but so, so necessary.

Freedom for me is the freedom to be me, to have my own opinions and my own thoughts, and the freedom to be a woman, a dreamer, a student, a bi-sexual, a human-being, not religious,  and everything else. Freedom is the freedom to make mistakes and the freedom to speak up and have a voice in how things run, no matter how small. Freedom however, is also the freedom to stay quiet, the freedom not to get involved, the freedom to be different and not be judged for it. Most of all maybe, freedom is the freedom not to think about freedom constantly.

Freedom however, is also responsibility. Freedom, to me, is the responsibility to use that freedom but to never stand in the way of someone elses freedom. And because of this, freedom is never absolute.

My sister just said; Freedom is the freedom to be who you want to be, not so much to do whatever you want to do because it isn't, but purely to be the person you want to be.

I thought it was an incredibly striking and wise thoughts and so I included it here.
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Random Note: Sorry for the sudden radio-silence, real life got into the way

I didn't get accepted at either of the apprenticeship places. I'm pretty disappointed about the place I really liked, but at least my friend did get that place, which is always better than some random stranger! In the mean while I've been invited to an interview with another place which I really liked the sound of as well, so I'm not out of options or anything.

So... I now have a minor Youth and Delinquency (I'm pretty sure). The exam went great. It had open questions and I could answer just about all of them, so I'm not worried. We handed in our paper on Friday and I'm pretty sure that one turned out very good as well. One of the girls I worked with was great and between the two of us we wrote a pretty great paper. The paper wasn't really due until Friday next week, BUT. But finishing it now means one thing and one thing alone: I have a full week of vacation coming up! :D

So yesterday and today I sat outside, enjoyed the fact that we had the most gorgeous weather one can wish for in April, got my first sunburn, caught up with my f-list, watched the new Doctor Who episode (Matt Smith is awesome as the doctor, unexpectedly so actually. Karen makes a great companion and a very, very fun character and HELL she's hot. I think I liked last weeks ep better, but that's just me...) printed, put together, drew over and cut out the e-patterns I bought for the regency-era dress I 'm going to sew (or, more correctly, the underwear for said dress), helped my mom with gardening and just generally really, really enjoyed myself.

Quest for Quiet: A scary experience )
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