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I'm still not sure if I'm bloody stupid since I've been horrible about writing anything lately, especially challenges, but as many of my older friends know; I'm an absolute nut for h/c and it's very much my forte... And as such I present to you all:
My hc_bingo card )

Not sure what to make of some of the prompts, but we'll see... Anyone out there up to joining me? The world can't really have too much h/c (or so I feel)!
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Random Note: Schuldig seems to be perfectly suited to poetic writing, who'd have thought?

~To Tempt Destiny~
By: [ profile] ginnyvos 
Fandom: Weiss Kreuz, but perfectly readable as original fiction as well.
Rating: Let's say PG-13 for some heavilly implied things
Warnings: Adult concepts and biblical references
A/N: This was a Christmas gift to[ profile] aki_jade  aki_jade, even though it has nothing to do with Christmas. If you can, please listen to Loreena McKennit - Marco Polo (Youtube link). The song helps amazingly to set the mood and was an incredible inspiration for this fic.

The Bal Masque )
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I asked [ profile] pixieblade for a prompt since her actual birthday is tomorrow and I wanted to be on time with a birthdayfic for once. She didn't know what she was prompting for at the time, but the prompt was hairclips. Since I'm a total hairwhore and so is she, you get hair. Lots of hair.

Happy birthday darling! Thank you for all the wonderful fic you write and that always makes my day. Thank you for being nice and creative and fangirly and just being you. I hope you have a wonderful birthday and a great year to come as well as many years after that one.

This was written while cycling, believe it or not. I might've added 200 words or so at my netbook, but mostly it was written on my phone while cycling. Yes I am indeed a traffic hazzard.


By: [info]ginnyvos
Fandom: Saiyuki
Rating: Let's say... PG-13 for lots of implied stuff? (Nothing happened though, I was going to write smut but flunked out -__-;)
Wordcount: 1369 of which about 1250 written last night and the rest added and edditted today.
Warnings: Hairwhoring and cuddling. It's all pretty much innocent though.
Disclaimer: I don't own Saiyuki. If I did, I'd give it back to Minekura because she knows so much better what to do with it than I would...


Hakkai tried to stop the laughter that was trying bubble up in him, he really did, but... Gojyo just looked so wronged.  )



I dearly hope everyone liked it. Please, please let me know what you thought because I'm kind of nervous about this one...

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Random Note: My exams are over, my papers done, and now... Now I get sick.

I had no idea what to write yesterday and while I tried working on one of my ongoing stories like I did on the 3rd, it wasn't happening, so I asked stalkerbunny for a prompt. She was sweet enough to provide such and said eagle. This is what happened.

By: [info]ginnyvos
Fandom: Saiyuki
Rating: G
Wordcount: 144
Warnings: Eh... I dunno? Can't think of any.
Disclaimer: I don't own Goku or Saiyuki. Wish I did, but no such luck.


Goku stared up, breathless. His mouth was hanging open and his eyes fixed on the majestic form in the sky. The big bird soared through the sky like it owned it, wings spread wider than Goku’s arms would ever be able to indicate. He wondered if it was happy all the way up there. He seemed to free, like it could go wherever it wanted. Like the sky was his alone.



Suddenly he had to wonder if the bird wasn’t lonely up there. The sky was so big and it was up there all on its own. Did it have a friend-bird to go to? Goku hoped so, but if it didn’t… Maybe he could come visit Goku instead and they’d both not be alone anymore. But that was stupid. He couldn’t expect it to give up his freedom just for company.


Short, but this is what it wanted to be and I'm good with that. 

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Random Note: Looking forward to writing every day!

I decided that for this year's [ profile] mini_nanowrimo I'm going to be writing all the birthday fic I never got around to writing this year. I'm going to try and write a new drabble for a new person every day. Today is the wonderful [profile] h_johanna because she's here right now and inspired me. Also, she needed some cheering up.

It's been ages since I actually wrote anything in the Harry Potter fanfiction. These characters are litterally as old as my friendship with her. I think they, and their friendship, are actually older than our friendship because we got to know each other through random massage based RP that got WAY out of hand. Also, the Ginny in the fic is indeed Ginny Weasley and Sivlie (Silvana Gold) has been her best friend since their first year in Hogwards.

By: ginnyvos
Fandom: Harry Potter
Rating: G(ish)
Wordcount: 467
Warnings: Might just be commenting on fandom just a little bit. Also ignores the final chapter completely.
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Harry Potter and its magical world is owned by J. K. Rowling and so is Ginny. Silvie is owned by [profile] h_johanna . I get nothing out of this except for a smile out of a friend (which is more than enough, I'd say).


“By Merlin and his long, long... beard, I think the guy is out to kill me!” )


There you have it, madness is it? h_johanna liked it though, and I think the month is off to a good start. I'm happy :)

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Random Note: You won't believe how long this has been sitting on my harddisk

By: ginnyvos
Fandom: Weiss Kreuz
Rating: PG-13 for mentions of sex
Warning: Out of hand, out of context and total crack. Enjoy.
Disclaimer: Nagi and any other mentioned characters are not mine. they belong to the owners of Weiss Kreuz and I play with them for my enjoyment and yours, nothing more.
A/N: This was written over time and has been as good as finished for a long while now. The idea was taken from a couple of people who did the same thing for characters in the Saiyuki fandom. Hope you guys get a laugh out of it! Also, enjoy!


1. Do not, under any circumstances, walk into a room occupied by only Schuldig and Crawford without knocking. )


There! Let me know what you thought!
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Random Note: Autumn always manages to surprise me with its beauty, no matter how many years pass.

Alright, this is a message for all of you who would love to do NaNoWriMo, but know themselves well enough to know that it's a loss cause. That many words are simply Not Going To Happen.

[ profile] mini_nanowrimo is a challenge much like NaNo but for those of us for whom writing every day is enough of a challenge already. The idea is simple:

You sign up to [ profile] mini_nanowrimo somewhere between the 1th and 30th of October

You commit to a number of words a day in the designated post
(anything over 100 goes, I commit for 150 a day, some go for 100, some go for 500, depending on what you can see yourself doing)

Keep it realistic and easy!

You write at least your committed number of words every day. (Everything goes, fanfic or original fic, prose or poetry, any pairing, character or rating, as long as you've written it).

Post your word count to the daily post.

By the end of the month a file is put up with your statistics for the day and if you made it, you get a neat banner.

And that's all there is to it. I'll be sure to take part in the challenge. It's low pressure and fun and you get challenged to write every day. You can post what you've written for the day as a comment to the same post where you state your word count for the day and people might comment. It's also just a lot of fun.

Come and join me! (and let me know if you do, I'll be keeping an eye out for you ^__^ )

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Random Note: Written for the [ profile] writers_chair  community, though I'm not sure if it actually fits the assignment.

By: [ profile] ginnyvos 
Fandom: Saiyuki
Rating: I honestly couldn't say for sure. PG maybe? Or PG-13 for certain themes?
Warnings: AU, a snippet in time, un-betaed (so all mistakes are mine)
A/N: This can actually be written as a single fic, even though it seems to be a snippet of another, untold story.Even I don't know about that story.


Hakkai looked around their small group, three bown heads, staring at three pairs of feet and dressed in a silence that not even Gojyo attempted to break.

In fifteen minutes – thirteen minutes and 45 seconds, to be more exact – their heads would be high and their faces proud, he knew. They would stand there, on the square dedicated to peace and used to oppress, and tell their message to the world… And no one would think not to shoot the messenger, not this time, not for this message.

Hakkai shook his head. He himself, he should have died a long time ago. Sanzo too, really. They had survived time and time again. Borrowed time, a seemingly endless well of borrowed time for two revolutionaries, bound to a cause they knew would get them killed sooner rather than later. Seemed like the well had finally ran dry.

Hakkai couldn’t suppress a wry grin when it occurred to him that this probably was later. That later had allowed them, two walking dead, to find two living, breathing people, and to bind them to a cause that was sure to be their death sentence as well.

Sometimes Hakkai wondered if Goku and Gojyo where really dedicated to the cause or if it was Sanzo and himself they were dedicated to. If he was really selfish enough to bring these two men, so alive and so hopeful, to their death sentence willingly and knowingly.

A hand landed on his knee and he looked up into red eyes, fierce with determination, with the will to see this through and do it well. To live or to die for this. The look of a man who already knew he’d loose, but would fight to get the most out of it anyway.

Suddenly a cocky grin graced his lover’s features, a grin that told tales of dangers seen and lived through, because no one could be that cocky without having taken on the world and won.

For all that he didn’t see how the man had won when the world seemed determined to take anything he cared for away from him, he could never suppress the sense that Gojyo was sure he had won, somehow.

He looked beyond Gojyo and noticed that Sanzo was now leaning back against the wall of the wagon, looking at Goku, who had found an apple somehow and was eating it with gusto, enjoying it like only Goku could enjoy food, but not like it was his last meal.

The car came to a stop and Hakkai glanced on his watch to see that they had exactly 135 seconds left before changing the world and probably ending their lives within it in the process. It was necessary. It was what Sanzo and he had fought for their whole lives. It was-

He never had a chance to finish that thought. Gojyo roughly pulled him into a hug, and Hakkai let him, burrowing his head in the neck of the man he loved and the man he was taking to his execution platform.

“We’ll get through this ‘Kai, you’ll see. In a few days I’ll be kissing you senseless under the palace gates as we make ready to finally kick the ass of that fake emperor all the way to tomorrow. We’ll do this.”

Hakkai sighed and nodded against his lover’s neck, knowing that they should be making ready, gathering their strength but not quite willing to let go. Not quite willing to die. Not quite willing to let Gojyo die. And not able to stop things now that they had been set into motion.

A silent hand fell on his shoulder and he knew it was time. Gojyo squeezed him tight one last time, than let him go. Sanzo gave him a grim, determined look over Gojyo’s shoulder, than a slight nod.

Outside the noise rose, undoubtedly the emperor had appeared for his monthly speech.

A single gong rung and he knew it was their cue as much as that of the emperor to start speaking and for the people to start listening.

They strode out of the back of the military car they had been hidden in, heads up high, frames upright, proud and ready to do whatever it would take.


Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed it. It's up to you to fill in the ending... Let me know?

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Random Note: Stargate, engaged. Descent into true geekdom, faaar under way.

~Perks of a Pirate~
By: ginnyvos
Fandom: One Piece
Rating: PG-13 to be on the safe side
Warnings: Post-Impel Down, but no spoilers for the arc or any other really.
A/N: Written for[ profile] sventastic, who requested a SmoAce drabble. It's my first try at them, so I hope I did well! unbeta-ed.
Disclaimer: I don't own One Piece


Smoker has an introspective moment. Ace has a point to make. )
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Random Note: Did I say drabbles? Because, you know, I meant short fics. Totally! These things totally didn't spin out of control on me! Really! I swear! >.<

Written for [personal profile] keire_ke , who wanted Hakkai and Goku, with Goku reading a book. I'm pretty sure this is not what she had in mind but... Well, this was what the characters wanted, apparently :S I hope you like it!

~The Art of Reading~
By: [ profile] ginnyvos 
Fandom: Saiyuki Gaiden + Saiyuki
Rating: G (Humour/Fluff)
Warnings: Brush your teeth after people!
A/N: This was beta-ed by the amazing, awesome [ profile] pixieblade who also writes Saiyuki pirate-fic and is therefore holy. Head over to hers and read it people!
Disclaimer: I don't own these characters people! They're made to be who they are by the amazing Minekura Kazuya!


“This letter is gee,” Tenpou said, pointing at the big G on the paper. Goku’s face lid up. “That’s my letter! Right? Right? Konzen told me it was my letter!” )

Alright, that was it! I hope everyone liked it! Please let me know what you think? I live on comments you know?
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