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My kingdom for a princess (and ever after that)


For years she cried,

For years she lied,

For years she had nothing,

No nothing to say,

Except for this;

Why, if you saved me, did you not stay?


And as the years went past,

Her body grew weary to bone,

Her mind, like her hair,

Grey as weathered old stone.


When he did come back,

Her hero, shiny armour and all,

He found his princess gone, rotten away,

And even with the dragon slain, the kingdom saved,

He wondered if he hadn’t failed after all.



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posted by [personal profile] ginnyvos at 07:53pm on 28/03/2011 under
 I wrote my first poem in... Quite possibly over a year?

Going on twenty-three

Am twenty-two, going on twenty-three,
Come take a look at my life and see;
I'm growing up, I'm settling down,
In the adult ways upon which I used to frown.

Am twenty-two, going on thirty-three,
Take my own responsibility.
Cook my food, pay my bills,
No pizza or fries because it kills.

Am twenty-two, going on forty-three,
My days no longer free.
I go to work from nine to five,
Earn my very own way through life.

Am twenty-two, going on fifty-three,
Have to look respectable now, you see?
Will never wear clothes in black and grey,
Well, that's what I used to say.

Am twenty-two, going on twenty-three,
But tonight I am age-free.
Bring out the sexy dresses, bring out booze,
Sometimes even pretend-adults have to let loose.

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Random Note: An impressions of the chaos in my head.

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Random Note: Exam went really wel, I thought I'd barely passed but got an 7.3 out of 10, so that's awesome! :D

[ profile] whymzycal had an awesome idea for extra credit for her students; she had them make haikus about the topics of last semester's English classes. It worked out wonderfully and some of the results can be found here. Now haiku's are fun and come easy to me, so I responded with my own haiku's (about being stupid when it comes to English grammar terms) here. Which got me thinking and I came up with this me.

Haikus come easy
And are fun to play games with,
So prompt and recieve.

In other words, give me one or more prompts and I'll write you haiku's about it! :D
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Random Note: How is it that I am more up to date on LJ during the time leading up to test-periods than any other time? (Oh right, because I refuse the interference of a social life at those time. LJ or study....)

So why is it poetry will only get written when I'm stressed? This was probably somehow inspired by the poem [profile] h_johanna  wrote this midday, though I'm not sure quite how. Completely unplanned and a matter of putting a pen down on a paper and writing something. This is what came out. Let me know what you think?

Outside Perspective

I look down on the world
From white cloudy wings
And I see you
And I see so many things

I see cars and houses and seas
I see books
I see friendship and love
And I see things that are different from how they look

I see a man who's a woman
And a woman who's a child
I see a child who's just a child
And yet the wisest of them all

As I watch people kill
As I watch people not kill
Tired of watching
I let myself fall

People are but people
They are what they are
Good nor bad
Much clearer up close than from afar.


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Random Note: [ profile] mini_nanowrimo is working miracles. Two days in a row, I didn't feel like writing at all and here I am, with two pieces I'm actually pretty fond of. This is todays result.

~Kept Safe~

A man and a woman,
Walked up a lane,
There was flirting and laughter,
No doubt and no shame.

They danced and they kissed,
They laughed and held hands,
There in the morning mist,
They walked through the lands.

Loving each other dearly,
They walked in that lane,
And wanting each other clearly,
They didn’t even mind the rain.

Wet as they were,
They hid behind threes,
Kissing and touching,
Applied the birds and the bees.

And wet as they were,
They danced to a song,
Unheard by any but those
whose love is true and strong.

The rain stopped than,
And sun broke through,
And they danced some more,
Knew of nothing more joyous to do.

He kissed her again,
And took her hand,
Led her a big oak tree,
His eyes bright with intend.

He sank to one knee,
Looked up into her eyes,
Saw her love, true and honest,
Between them no lies.

In the burning of the setting sun,
And the burning of his heart in bliss,
He asked for her hand,
Though it was already in his.

She gave him her other,
And pulled him close,
They kissed and loved,
He plucked her a rose.

There in that lane,
The two lovers made love once more,
They lay together,
On the wet forest floor.

True happiness lasts forever,
And true happiness never falls apart,
Because saved in ones memories,
Means saved in ones heart.

An old woman lays down wild roses
On a well kept grave
She smiles than, for in memory
Her husband is forever kept safe.


And? What did you think? Let me know please .
To me, for some reason, this really isn't a very sad poem even though the end might seem so to some of you.
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Random Note: I wanna go back to uni already!

Honestly, it's nothing but deranged nonsense but it amused me greatly.

A bit of nonsense, or 'Fiddle x Tuba love'
Hiddle di diddle di fiddle di fall,
A man with a fiddle sat on a wall.
Fiddle di jiggle di diddle di doe,
A man with a fiddle said hello.
Twiddle di hiddle di middle di my,
For a man with a tuba just walked by.
Diddle di siddle di fiddle di fack,
The man with the tuba said hi back.
Fiddle di diddle di biddle di boo,
And our one man orkest suddenly counts two.
Hiddle di diddle di fiddle di fall,
And than they went silent once and for all.

Also, per request, my manga me!
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Random Note: In 39 hours I get to see my mom for the first time in 5 months! :D

So... [profile] saiyuki_time's challenge this week is haiku's... A challenge right up my alley! (for those who remember, I also once wrote a oneshot which had Goku writing haiku).
Without further ado, here are the first three! (who knows, maybe there'll be more!)

Gold hears from closed doors,

Sounds of passion ill concealed,

Wonders, why not me?

Purple heard his voice,
When gold called out desperately,
“Shut up and be free.”

Voices from his past
Haunt him still, the red haired child,
In green's arms they mute
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Random Note: My mom pestered me into promising to go to a doctor... I fucking hate going to doctors.
Some drabbles from about a month ago. When I'm upset about something, I tend to write these. They're great release for tension. You have to be compact (you only have four lines after all) and think stuff over (you have to have rhyme-words and my pride as a something-approaching-the-definition-of-poet doesn't allow me to make it easy for myself. So yeah, here you go. (How appropiate is it for me to be listening to Dead Boy's Poem by Nightwish right now?)


Stack away all my feelings,
Act happy for the world to see
Because than maybe, just maybe,
The world will act happy back for me.


Live life
As it comes to you,
Forget everything,
It's what the happy people do.


Nobody is perfect
Everyone makes mistakes,
The art of being together
Is catching the other whatever it takes.


A star in the sky
Is a beacon of light,
A bringer of hope
Even though it does nothing to aid your fight.


Give up your believes,
Give up yourself,
Is that what it takes
To make one and one be two together?

And yes, the last one is meant not to rhyme ;)
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Random Note: Shouldn't I be... Nervous or something like that? :S

This was written for my sister, who had a bit of dirt in her eyes during dinner. She was sweet enough to let me put it up here, too, even if it is completely hers and hers alone.

Dear you,

Distance is but a word,
Made up by people with no heart.
Because no matter how far I go,
I’ll always remember the start.

Dear you,

It doesn’t matter where I am,
Doesn’t matter what I do,
Because I’ll always,
Always think of you.

Dear, dear you,

As long as I remember you,
As long as you don’t forget about me,
No distance is all that far,
Just wait, you’ll see.

I’ll always be there,
As long as you think of me.

Next entry? I'll be in Norway!


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