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Random Note:  As some of my fellow sufferers might say: I've caught the costuming bug!

The costuming bug is a serious viral disease that has a lot of incubation time but, once caught, has consequences that are very visible and devastating. The virus leads one to spend all one's time pondering new or possible future costumes as well as costumes that are already being made or have been made in the past. One has an enormous drive to make said costumes and will spend much of their time and money on said costumes. The costumes one attempts to make will be more and more outrageous, leading to strong feelings of distraction, stress, inferiority and euphoria in turn.

The costuming bug is not highly contagious but is thought to be passed by air when more people suffering from this illness gather in one place as well as by contact.
Early symptoms include a desire to sew or learn to sew, preoccupation with and great admiration for other people's costumes, displaying ideas for costumes - not yet taken very seriously - and preoccupation with current, historical or fantasy-themed fashion.

Cut for my newest custume design/drawing (Steampunk) )

On materials and planning, really only interesting for me )
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Random Note: I totally blame [ profile] h_johanna! (So so can you!)

Simpel dress in 1818So I was doing some research for a (female) character living in early 19th century France and wanted to know what she'd be wearing. To my great surprise and after some google-fu I didn't end up with corsets and big skirts. No, it turns out that from about 1795 and 1820 was the measly 30 years in a period of several centuries that girls weren't forced in too tight corsets, skirts that are so big they're more than anything. They style they dressed in is called regency fashion and the defining feature was the 'empire waist' just under the breasts.

I've been obsessing over this for more than 2 weeks now and it shows no promise of coming to an end any time soon so you get to hear lots of squee! ^__^ A bit of a summary of what I found out on the subject.

This post is pretty picture heavy.

A bit of historic context )

Greek and Roman times as inspiration )

Natural shape and colour )

Accessories )

Fun Facts I discovered while researching )

Sourcematerial and interesting links )
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Random Note: Sun is shining, the first flowers are starting to bloom, buds are showing and... And we still had snow yesterday. What the hell, weather? But spring is definitely coming anyway! <3

Spring means that it's the spring semester though, which is my annual 'I am SO not all that motivated to work for uni' period. It's too far from the beginning of the school year to have much energy left, but not close enough to summer break to get much out of counting down to that. So instead of doing schoolwork I learn for my drivers license (not as much as I aught to), do a lot of dancing, meander around online and do some sewing... Which is fun but always leaves me with a nagging feeling that I aught to do more for uni. Oh well, seeing that I survived this period with two courses running, and I now have only one, I shouldn't do too bad :P

On a much more fun note, do you remember this post? It's about the yaoi and yuri con that's coming up in the Netherlands. Well, the event is come Sunday and I can't wait! Not only will I go, but in the end, you guys did convince me to cosplay as well! And I'm not going alone (which helps). One of my friends, rose-layon, is going to come with. We're going to play Orihime and Tatsuki from the anime Bleach.
The Dragon and the Princess )
The Dragon and the Princess )

So the two of us are cosplaying these two, and I made the costumes! They're nearly done, too. I need to find some un-permanent hair die (the stuff you can get out in up to 3 washings), which is proving a lot harder than I thought it'd be. My friend needs a black wig, which we'll attack with scissors and hairgel on saturday. My skirt needs a little fixing (I made it slightly too big) but that should be done by tonight. And than the costumes are really and truly finished! I have to say, I'm a little proud of them!
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So because I'm avoiding studying for my upcoming exams quite bored, you get more than one post a day.

When I was thinking about how I liked sewing and I had liked it since fourth grade in highschool when I made my first skirt, an imagine of a child-sized pink and white sewing-machine that I moved hell and earth to get my hands on  and that really worked came to mind. I must've been six or somesuch, and I pestered my mom for leftover fabric of which I made clothes for my dolls. In the end the thing broke and I didn't sew again until I was sixteen and wanted a skirt that I couldn't find anywhere in the stores.
So does the past never stop haunting you? Or did I simply never grow out of it? Dunno, but I have to wonder....
 I SO need a sewing icon.
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Random Note: Dancing really is an addiction.

So... Months after it's finished, here are the mandatory pictures of the first skirt I made. I got it done back in december but I wasn't quite happy with the way it flowed so I went back and fixed it. Now it's good for normal wear! Espeacially since I found the shirt and necklace to go with it. I'm pretty happy with it all! :D

First of all; me, in the skirt
Pictures, pictures... )
There. Now I'm allowed to geek out over my current project! ;)

I'm making these really wide three quarter pants. I have relatively dark, subtle jeans fabric (pretty thin as well) and I'm combining it with bright pink threat and buttons. The picture in the magazine isn't in a style I'd wear, but I think that the fabric and my use of threat will make all the difference and I'm really excited about it. With the right shoes and shirt it might be something I could wear when I need to be neat, but with my all stars and other shirts, it'll be pretty cool but still kind of... different?

Aaand more pics, of my current project this time! )

Inbetween I made another skirt, one specifically made for balfolk, but I have yet to take a good picture of it. It's lovely though, has exactly the effect I wanted it to have. It's funny to see how I've been looking at clothing, fabric, sewing and that kind of thing quite differently from before. Also, I'm starting to understand patterns, how they work, etc. better. That's really important to me, because I eventually want to work to designing my own stuff.

So... What do you guys think? ^___^
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Random Note: Balfolk is amazingly awesome... I just wonder if it's as good for my health.

So I think I managed before that I was going to do a sewing course. Well I had my second lesson this Wednesday and I adore it. Now I know I love sewing, I've done it before and I really like doing it, but I never really take the time (busy, busy, busy). Now, I just calculate it in with the rest of my scedual because... Well, I pay for it! (Not that it's that much, really, 9 euro for an hour and 45 minutes... Thats about 13,50 US dollar.) Besides, since I'm only a beginner my mom had to take out time to help me.

This morning, me and my mom went to the market to buy fabric. It wasn't expecting too much, but we found this really, really awesome fabric! I took pictures, but the color isn't really right, sadly. It's inbetween the first and the second picture, though closer to the first one.

Fabric pictures )

I love the colors and the patterns and where I was slightly worried the skirt would turn out too chique for casual wear, with this fabric that isn't much of a problem anymore. I'm really looking forward to seeing it finished. Until than though, prepare to see lots of progress pictures! ^^

I can't wait for next week, when I'll actually start cutting the fabric and stuff.

It feels good to be creative in another way than writing and to actually be reasonable good at it. I like working with my hands, but I rarely take the time because, honestly? My mind is a pretty interesting place to be. Always things to do in there. But now that I sit still long enough to do something with my hands it's really nice.  The same thing I have with biking or swimming, but here I'm actually creating something and I love that. 
While in this project there's little room for creativity because I'm still learning, the teacher promised me that in time, she'll teach me to draw out my own designs. There are very few things as awesome as to have people compliment you on clothing that you thought out and made by yourself.
Besides, I don't have the easiest sizes (think: chibi-size, short and broad) and if I make my clothing myself, I'll finally have things that fit perfectly.

So yeah, sewing. I love it! :D

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