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A little over three years ago in Norway, I climbed a mountain. I nearly didn't make it. Asthma, bronchitis, burning sun, steep slopes, snowfields prone to breaking apart under my feet and icy, icy wind almost necked me. Back then, I made it to the top, looked down over the world that lay at my feet and the road I'd come, and cried.

Yesterday, I reached another mountain top. I didn't fall to my knees and cry this time, but it was a very near thing. The climb lasted a year rather than a day and the challenges I faced were not the same (though there was in another bronchitis involved). There were moments when both mountaintops seemed equally impossible to reach, there were moments on both mountains when I cried and didn't want to go on, there were moments on both climbs where I cursed myself and my many shortcomings and felt left behind by those climbing ahead of me. And yet again, due to the unending support of everyone around me, due to the people who gave me a hand up when I needed it, those who gave me support, a shoulder to lean on and a joke to laugh about and due to not a little good, old-fashioned, bone-headed stubbornness on my own part, I made it once again. The top has been reached, the hardest part done. From here the only way to go is down.

Down has always been easy for me.

In other words, yesterday I had the presentation from my master thesis and the evaluation of my internship. Presentation went far from good but that's no less than I'd expected but I have a 7,5 out of 10 for my stage, and got a lot of compliments. I can be very proud at what I did at my internship these last 7 months (The story of my climb three years ago can be found here btw :) )
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I am finishing my masters degree on university level.

I have ADHD and dyslexia, I am ill more often than almost anyone my age I know, for years and years people have been telling me it would be too hard and I wouldn't be able to make it and yet I am finishing a fucking mastersdegree on university level. I must we one smart cookie and a bloody hard worker. So anyone who doubts me (not in the least me) can go and take a walk, because against all odds I am finishing this thing. Because I rock.


And now to remember that.
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I just finished the last class and the last lecture of my complete academic education. What. The. Fuck.

I just realized this an hour ago, you should know. In one week, I'll hand in the theoretical introduction to my masters thesis. Two weeks from now I'll have my last exam and with that I finish the complete theoretic part of my education. To my mind this is absurt. I don't know what I'll do! No more books that I need to learn by heart, no more courses and weekly classes and lectures, no more exams to study for... Just internship and research. Both are so completely different from what I've been doing up till now...

Come monday I have an introductionairy meeting for a possible internship. If this comes through, I'll be done with my masters by the end of august. In half a year, I won't be a student anymore. Me. Not a student. It's not really sinking in. I'm not really sure what to feel about it either.

On a completely different note: I tried lindyhop swing for the first time last weekend and doing an introductionairy weekend come weekend. So far it's loads of fun! :D
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I am all in favour of making your summary of the article we got assigned as short as possible, but when you make a summary of a 20 page scientific article and end up with less than a page of single statements separated by blanc lines, you might want to start wondering if you got all the relevant information out of the article... Seriously.

Like... You know... The actual research that was being done and the results thereof?
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Short story: 
I am going to write my masterthesis on attachment in fosterchildren! This is the one subject I really want to research and I'm doing it under a doctor who seems very excited at working with me specifically! I'm so freaking excited! :D

Long story:
About two years ago I had a very interesting lecture of a woman who was supposed to talk about abuse but ended up speaking mostly about attachment and attachment disorder, and her own research on attachment in foster children. Having grown up with foster brothers and sisters and with them being one of the main motivators for my choice of study, I went over and talked to her after the lecture. It was a very interesting talk and by the end of it she said to come and look her up once I started my masters degree. If she had the hours to help with a master thesis, she'd like to help me research in that area.

I'd never expected her to remember me. I mean, I was just some student, right? But I figured that I could always try. We have an addatage that says 'Never shot is always missed' and it's a good one. So I send an email explaining who I am, about my background and asking if maybe she'd like to help me.

I got back a very enthusiastic email. Turns out she does remember me and she'd really like to help me out, and we just have to figure out a time table and such! After a couple of emails back and forth we have an appointment on the 10th of September, first thing in the morning. (The 10th is the day I also get my master introduction and classes start the week after). I'm thrilled and baffled and feel almost honoured. I mean, most people writing their master thesis just kind of end up doing something or other with someone or other. Instead I get to work with someone who seems to be genuinely pleased to be working with me, on the one subject I could see myself doing more research in than at all necessary. (As in, in the unlikely event I was asked to do a PhD on this subject I would. Veeeeery unlikely that ~_^ )
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Random Note: It's not often that I have cause to use this icon but today...

This morning, at a very full Amersfoort central station, someone bumped into me (hard, I didn't even see who it was either) and suddenly my wallet was gone.

My wallet with in it, my ATM-card, my ID-card, my public transport card, my student card, my house key and money. I was not a happy camper.

Later I got a phone call telling me that the last place I'd hoped for to run my apprentice ships didn't want me as an apprentice because they thought I was too young. I had a perfectly good interview, seemed very achieved for my age, had a lot of experience, but they picked two people four and five years older than me.

So here I am, at home, writing application letters for jobs that are very sparse (crisis and all that) and trying to figure out what the hell kind of jobs I should apply with only a bachelors degree at university level, with my wallet gone and a perfectly sunny day ruined by the fact that I am broke, and will be more broke, and am applying for jobs that are laying people off rather than taking them on. Damn, some days suck bad.

EDIT: Aaaaand we're not done for the day. Just got an email telling me I'm not allowed to do the mastercourses at a different time than my apprenticeships or take longer than exactly a year for my mastersdegree. The good news just keeps on coming...

Right now I'm looking at it with a detached sort of irony. EDIT2: Wow! My day just took a turn for the better! A very sweet lady found my wallet and called the police. They gave her my number and now I have it back! The passes and stuff are still in it! I'm so freaking relieved!
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Random Note: I do have a life unrelated to my medication, I really do!

Our cat is pregnant! Kittens soon! <3

So... This Friday I had my first interviews for places where I might do my apprentenceship next year... )
In other news, I think I reached a new height of procastration yesterday. I spend all day copying the music from at least 20 CD's to my old laptop (which has a CD drive), renaming each song in media player (sometimes having to look up both name and artist on the net), renaming each file to match how I keep the other files on my computer, emptying my MP3 player, putting the new files on my MP3 player, transferring the music to my netbook, pasting the files in my general music folder and finally going through all 2531 files to see if there were any doubles.
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Random Note: My nose is a total coward.

In other words it's running like whoa, and my head feels like it's stuffed full of snot or, alternatively, fluff. Either way, it's not a completely pleasant feeling. Price I pay for going to Boombal I assume. It's ok though, I usually get my First Cold After Summer around the beginning of the school-year and it's simply about two weeks early, that's all. I'd better get used to the feeling again because without a doubt there will be a lot of colds to come this autumn/winter/spring.

Boombal )

And I drove a CAR! )

It's shaping up to be a busy period for me, but I have loads of cool things planned as well, so I'm good. For everyone's reading pleasure; My scedual;

Monday; Day long studysession with [profile] h_johanna  and balfolk lessons at 7 (more for an extra chance to dance than to learn stuff).
Tuesday: Studying at home, Two hours of driving lessons at 2, sewing classes at 6:30
Wednesday: Classes from 9 till 3
Thursday:  Working 10 hours at daycare centers
Friday: More classes
Saturday and Sunday: More balfolk dancing (at least one every two weeks but most probably more) and social stuff, more studying.
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Random Note: The artists eye is the eye that can see anything as if it's never seen it before.

The title sais it all don't you think? So anyway, the fic I'll be posting is a webcomic-fandom. Those who don't know should go read it (it's awesome, believe me) or at least read my little summary below.

Reallife babble )


Summary )


~Birds, bees and butterflies~
by GinnyVos
Rating: K+
Fandom: Guests in Purgatory
Series: Birds, bees and butterflies
Summary: Aki is curious
Pairings: None, so far
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: The characters are owned by Schetch, who is super awesome

Birds, Bees and Butterflies )
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Ok... What. The. Fuck. So in the end, I really did dream of all the neurotransmitter crab from teusday on wendsday! It was freaky and weird... I woke up twice! I almost never wake up from bad dreams :S And I NEVER had dreams about schoolstuff... Ever. Oh well :P It's pretty funny now I suppose ^^;

I got 2 eights (out of ten) for my test! Oh yeah! *does happydance* I'm so happy! Basically my mean mark for the four courses I did so far is an eight! And that's very good, believe me! *dances more* Whihoooo! :D Vacation!!!
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