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I'm still not sure if I'm bloody stupid since I've been horrible about writing anything lately, especially challenges, but as many of my older friends know; I'm an absolute nut for h/c and it's very much my forte... And as such I present to you all:
My hc_bingo card )

Not sure what to make of some of the prompts, but we'll see... Anyone out there up to joining me? The world can't really have too much h/c (or so I feel)!
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November starts tomorrow and for quite a few of you that means NaNoWriMo... Good luck with that! I'm not even going to try... What I am going to do (for the fourth time already!) is [Poll #1638725]
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A bit of a review but no real spoilers.

I just finished Neil Gaiman's 'The Sandman' and am left... Devided. It's a brilliant story and like any brilliant story it leaves me with a feeling of mourning and a feeling of hope, and it left me with inspiration and a will to go on. It left me both satisfied and wanting for more. It left me... Mourning, in a way, for friends and enemies lost and extatic for friends and enemies made. It also left me wondering and it left me certain. 

It's a brilliant story, as Neil Gaiman's stories are wont to be. It's a story that I want to reread because I am completely certain that there is so much more to read in those 10 books then what I read, even if I read every word and looked at every picture.It's purely Gaiman in that as well. I guess that borrowing the books from [ profile] h_johanna  is not enough after all. I'll need to get them for myself (which is a bit of a mood point as I'm poor as dirt right now. Oh well, birthday is in august and we will see how matters turn out for me. Either I'll stay completely pennyless for another year or I'll be able to afford some more next year. I'll know one way or another within one and a half week).

The Sandman, it is said somewhere in the comic or in the fore or afterword themselves, or in more places, I forget, the Sandman is a story about stories about stories about stories about... Yes, stories. Dreams. Ideas. Inspiration. Stuff. That theme is recognizable. Everything, down to the end, seems like a meta-study of stories in the form of a story and as someone who dabbles in writing or, more accurately, making-uping, I think I recognised a lot of that and I must say I loved it. But then, I think this is one of these stories that everyone else reads differently and that, every time the same person reads it, they read it differently as well. It's a bit of a mirror I suppose. Oh man, I should not get into all this, because there are too many themes, so many thoughts and so many layers to this story (some intended and some, without a doubt, not intended) that I'm not able to mention them all. 

It'll suffice to say though, that it's a brilliant story that warrants taking the time to read it and taking the time to think it and to think on it. It's a story that warrants rereading, now or in a while, and a story that consists of a huge number of other stories, that all consist of small stories as well and so on. It's also a story that will grow by talking it over with others because like I said, everyone reads it differently and everyone reads different aspects of it.

I loved it and I'm sad it's over, but as it learns us, nothing is ever really over and nothing is ever really for nothing. So it's ok and I'll mourn and I'll go on and I'll read it again and I'll love it again, without doubt.
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Random Note: Nederlands.

I just watched an interview and overview of Herman van Veen, one of my biggest heroes, who turned 65 last week. He's a singer, a comedian, an actor, a song writer, a book writer, a poet, a painter, a script writer, a virtuoso violist, a pianist, a flutist without flute, a drummer, a father, a magician, a brilliant person and also just a very nice, fun, caring and giving man, and much, much more that I've probably forgotten.

I grew up knowing just about every episode of Alfred J. Kwak by heart, being named after one of his songs, listening to his music and loving the Land of Once more than any amusement park with roller coasters and fast rides I'd ever been to and have been to so far. These are all things that came from his mind and things that inspired me.

But the thing is, this man, this brilliant, brilliant man, speaks Dutch. He might give performances in French, in English and in German, he might travel all over the world, but this man speaks Dutch. He speaks Dutch in a way that makes it beautiful. That makes it more elegant than French and more all saying than English, and I realized that, these days, I've lost that.

I've gotten so absorbed in learning English to the best of my ability that I've lost sight of this beautiful language that is all mine. I've gotten so absorbed in learning to express emotion and thought in English, that I've lost the ability to do just that in Dutch. Over the last few years, as my English vocabulary grew, my Dutch vocabulary has gotten smaller and my ability to express myself in my own language has dwindled so much that I now have an easier time expressing complicated emotion in English than I have in Dutch.

And believe me, I might never have been at the same level as Herman van Veen, but I was good. Now though, it's gone and I only just realized I am missing it. I have no idea what to do. And how ironic, that I am typing this in English...
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Random Note: ... Brings out the worst in people. Or more specifically; me.

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there was a girl.

She died and never got to live happily ever after.

The end.

This is what happens when I get fed up from staring at an empty sheet trying to force myself to write. I tried. It doesn't work. I'm so incredibly sorry to the people I RP with. I'm trying, I really am! But I stare at the empty page or comment box for ages and I just can't think of anything to write.

In other news; I'm playing Final Fantasy III on the DS and loving it. I crave Luneth/Arc fanfic now but of course it's nowhere to be found *rolls eyes*
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I want to wish everyone a wonderful, warm, happy, lovely Christmas. I love all of you. This is for you, in hopes that it'll make even one person's Christmas even the slightest bit more happy.

Finding the Light, or The Tale of the Girl and the Sun That Went Away )

I also wish each and every one of you and your loved ones a new year full of love, miracles, health, creativity, miracles, magic and most of all, light. Make it a good one, everyone, you deserve it!
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Random Note: Exam went really wel, I thought I'd barely passed but got an 7.3 out of 10, so that's awesome! :D

[ profile] whymzycal had an awesome idea for extra credit for her students; she had them make haikus about the topics of last semester's English classes. It worked out wonderfully and some of the results can be found here. Now haiku's are fun and come easy to me, so I responded with my own haiku's (about being stupid when it comes to English grammar terms) here. Which got me thinking and I came up with this me.

Haikus come easy
And are fun to play games with,
So prompt and recieve.

In other words, give me one or more prompts and I'll write you haiku's about it! :D
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Random Note: Am reading the Sandman series by Neil Gaiman and absolutely loving it. Thanks for being my faithful library, [ profile] h_johanna

This post will consist of a lot of small and bigger things and a bit of an update on Life such as it is.

- OMG I actually did it! I finished [ profile] mini_nanowrimo and wrote 30 days in a row! I hadn't thought I had it in me, but since it's become a bit of a tradition, I wanted to try... And I did it! Writing 150 words a day might not seem like much for most of you, but to me, it's amazing. It also got my creative juices flowing (so much so that yesterday, when it was december already, I was making up random poetry in the shower. Of course, when I got out, it was all gone so it never got written down... Was fun though! And a good while ago, too.

- A few statistics; In November, I wrote a total of 12.455 words. I wrote at least 150 words for thirty days straight and the average number of words a day I wrote was 415. I am proud.

- November went by in a daze because I was asleep most of the time. Bronchitis really, really sucks.It's been happening for a freaking month now! That's also one of the reasons I can hardly believe [ profile] mini_nanowrimo is done already... It seems that Oktober is only a few days ago.

- Which means that I'm way behind on my work for uni, while I have an exam around this time next week. Joy of joys. Have read 2 out of 8 required chapters so far. And of course I can't. Freaking. CONCENTRATE. Ugh.

- I opened my curtains this monday and realised it was winter. The autumnstorms are gone, the leaves are all gone and instead we have mostly clear, cold weather that you only really find during winter. There's a certain scent to the air that also indicates such. Also, I found the first ice on the ground yesterday. I rather like winter, so I don't mind.

- Sinterklaas is drawing near and I have so much to do! And honestly, between resting and studying, I don't really have the time. Oh well, it'll be fun regardless. I'm making a tea pot from paper mache for my aunt.

- On a more positive note, I got the international Christmas cards out! All of them! And before the start of December too! Now I can only hope that they'll get to all of you in time. Also, I'm sorry for those who got the upside downs, it was a printer error that I only found out after the 7th or 8th card was sealed. You'll know what I'm on about when you get the cards.

- I am SO glad I only took one course instead of two this period. I'm doing youth law and it's SO interesting! <3

- Driving lesson yesterday went unexpectedly well. I'll learn to do it one of these days...

- Just want to hug [ profile] h_johanna some more. Don't worry hon, I really don't mind.

- And that was it for now! Maybe now that I A) am finally starting to feel a little better, and B) mini_nano is done, I'll be able to post some more and keep you guys updated. You rock! All of you!
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Random Note: Looking forward to writing every day!

I decided that for this year's [ profile] mini_nanowrimo I'm going to be writing all the birthday fic I never got around to writing this year. I'm going to try and write a new drabble for a new person every day. Today is the wonderful [profile] h_johanna because she's here right now and inspired me. Also, she needed some cheering up.

It's been ages since I actually wrote anything in the Harry Potter fanfiction. These characters are litterally as old as my friendship with her. I think they, and their friendship, are actually older than our friendship because we got to know each other through random massage based RP that got WAY out of hand. Also, the Ginny in the fic is indeed Ginny Weasley and Sivlie (Silvana Gold) has been her best friend since their first year in Hogwards.

By: ginnyvos
Fandom: Harry Potter
Rating: G(ish)
Wordcount: 467
Warnings: Might just be commenting on fandom just a little bit. Also ignores the final chapter completely.
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Harry Potter and its magical world is owned by J. K. Rowling and so is Ginny. Silvie is owned by [profile] h_johanna . I get nothing out of this except for a smile out of a friend (which is more than enough, I'd say).


“By Merlin and his long, long... beard, I think the guy is out to kill me!” )


There you have it, madness is it? h_johanna liked it though, and I think the month is off to a good start. I'm happy :)

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Random Note: Autumn always manages to surprise me with its beauty, no matter how many years pass.

Alright, this is a message for all of you who would love to do NaNoWriMo, but know themselves well enough to know that it's a loss cause. That many words are simply Not Going To Happen.

[ profile] mini_nanowrimo is a challenge much like NaNo but for those of us for whom writing every day is enough of a challenge already. The idea is simple:

You sign up to [ profile] mini_nanowrimo somewhere between the 1th and 30th of October

You commit to a number of words a day in the designated post
(anything over 100 goes, I commit for 150 a day, some go for 100, some go for 500, depending on what you can see yourself doing)

Keep it realistic and easy!

You write at least your committed number of words every day. (Everything goes, fanfic or original fic, prose or poetry, any pairing, character or rating, as long as you've written it).

Post your word count to the daily post.

By the end of the month a file is put up with your statistics for the day and if you made it, you get a neat banner.

And that's all there is to it. I'll be sure to take part in the challenge. It's low pressure and fun and you get challenged to write every day. You can post what you've written for the day as a comment to the same post where you state your word count for the day and people might comment. It's also just a lot of fun.

Come and join me! (and let me know if you do, I'll be keeping an eye out for you ^__^ )

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